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This Sun Valley surprise engagement proposal was perfect!  Matthew called us several weeks before the proposal and we talked about different location options and timing.  We had a super windy day on the day of the proposal and so we opted not to do a  mountaintop location like we had planned and went with our backup location close to the Sun Valley Club.  Fortunately the wind died down and the sun was out and it was gorgeous with the fresh snow and flocked trees!  The proposal went off perfectly and most importantly Stine said yes!  We brought champagne and flutes for the celebratory toast.  So fun to just bury it in the snow until the right moment and whip it out for the happy couple!  We then took pictures close to Trail Creek cabin and just had fun with them!  Then we went back to the Sun Valley Club and met up with Stine’s family where the engagement was announced!  There was much celebrating and toasts all around which we captured below.  Congratulations Matthew and Stine!  We loved being there for this super special moment and meeting you both!   We hope to see you back in Sun Valley for your wedding day!  We love you guys!

Here are 5 tips for planning your perfect Boise, McCall or Sun Valley surprise mountain engagement proposal:

  1.  Figure out what kind of engagement ring she loves if she hasn’t told you already.  Be stealthy or enlist friends or family to help you figure this out.
  2. Let her family in on the surprise (you might need their help getting her to the moment!)
  3. Hire a professional Boise, McCall or Sun Valley wedding photographer.  Todd Nichols Photography would be an excellent choice. 🙂  We can help you tremendously with knowing what location and time would be best.  And, it’s peace of mind!  You’ll be anxious enough with remembering what you want to say to your beloved without worrying about where, when and will the pictures turn out ok of this no do over moment?!
  4. Plan your proposal around a holiday.  It’s a great time because family is usually close by to help you celebrate and you may already be at a scenic spot…which brings me to my next tip…
  5. Pick a scenic, memorable location!  You’ll look back on these images for a long time and picking a gorgeous, memorable location will heighten the sentiment of the moment not only in the moment but for years to come.

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