Mountains and Lakes are beautiful but when you combine weddings to the tapestry you create stunning beauty. Imagine tying the knot among your friends and family while soaking up the fresh mountain air. McCall Idaho offers everything that you would want for your wedding day. When you combine the best wedding vendors in the state of Idaho you will create art and lasting memories that will last a lifetime.




Here is a list of the professional wedding vendors that put this all together!

Coordination, Design, Decor, & Floral: McCall Weddings-Shannon Berry

Photography: Todd Nichols Photography (208-550-1828)

Bridal Dresses, Veils, Maids Uniform: Daci Johnson

Groom and Butler Tux’s: LaNeige Bridal

Excursions: McCall Lake Cruises Doris Armacost

Vintage Rentals: Blush Creek- Ashley Choate

Catering: DeLish Catering

Cakes and Pastries: Stacey Cakes

Jewelry: McCall Jewelry Company- Erica & George Seeds

Party Rentals & Lighting: McCall Party Rentals

Hair, makeup, & Salon Treatments: Unwind Body Spa

Massage: Mindy Miller

Nails: Amber Weed

Hair and Makeup: Taylor Richardson

Stationary Suite: Andrea Johnson

Vintage Car Rental: McCall Auto Club- Lex Keeper

Entertainment: Merchants of Groove- Jeff Parnett

Marketing: Julie Conrad

Venues: The Idaho McCall Lake Cruise: Doris & Bret Armacoste

Estate Home: Tom & Dianna Nicholson

Charlie’s Garden: Sharon & Chris Davidson

Accommodations: Valet Vacation Rentals


Bride: Andra Johnson

Groom: Aaron Minegar

Butler: Josh Kuhnel

Maid: Mekenna Burgard


Key Grip: Steve Berry

Set Mom: Connie Jackson

Set Dog: Elwood



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