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We have had the privilege of being the trusted advisor for many brides looking for other quality wedding professionals for their wedding day.  So, we really appreciate being able to refer our clients to another wedding professional that embodies the same high standards that we strive for every day.  One of the first and most important decisions a bride makes is finding the perfect wedding dress.  After all, it’s what she and generations after her will be looking at in her wedding photography, hopefully by Todd Nichols Photography, for a very long time right?!

Beyond finding that perfect dreamy wedding dress, the experience should be a joyful one.   Many times saying “yes to the dress” becomes a true family and friends affair.  Shouldn’t it be one of the more memorable moments in your wedding day preparations?  We feel a boutique bridal salon is the best place to create just such an experience.  Here are the reasons why…

  1.  Personal attention.  A typical wedding dress salon will have numerous clients trying on dresses at the same time with the salon employees attempting to satisfy numerous clients or not available at all.  This can be frustrating and a waste of precious time for all involved.  When you go to a boutique bridal salon such as Bridal By Marie in Eagle you will be greeted warmly and personally by the OWNER who only works with ONE client at a time by appointment.  You will have her undivided experienced attention focused solely on you.
  2. You get the entire salon to yourself!  The last time we heard of a store owner attending to only one client at a time was when a celebrity wanted to go shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills!  This is the kind of singular experience you can expect to have with boutique bridal salon Bridal By Marie in Eagle.  With the undivided attention of the owner focused solely on finding exactly what you want, you’re sure to have a dress shopping experience like no other.  Being the only customer in the salon makes for a serene atmosphere and one in which you and your family or friends can relax, “ooh and ahh”  over all the dress gorgeousness and feel completely immersed in the experience.

Susan, Owner of Bridal By Marie at Chateau Des Fleurs, Eagle Idaho

3.  You work directly with the owner and have one-on-one fittings.  Yes, I know this sounds like number 1 above but it’s possible to have personal attention by someone other than the owner.  When you work with the business OWNER there is no one else to ask, no barriers to decision-making and the keen interest on the part of the owner in your happiness is absolute.  We have found that when working with business owners, there is a much higher degree of precision, customer service and overall client happiness.

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a bridal salon in the Treasure Valley that is stylishly experienced, offers unparalleled “Beverly Hills” level exclusive salon access and top tier personal customer service you’ll most definitely want to make an appointment with Bridal by Marie in Eagle, Idaho.

And just so you know we’re not the only ones that feel this way 🙂


* Bridal By Marie – Winner #1 Bridal Shop in the Treasure Valley
Idaho Statesman Best of Treasure Valley Contest 2017
*Bridal By Marie – finalist in Idaho’s Best Contest – Best Bridal Salon
(winner to be chosen December 2019)


We hope this helps you in your dream wedding dress shopping journey!

With Love  + Adventure,

Julie + Todd

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