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I'm not sure if I really need to hire a professional photographer; my friend or Uncle said they would take our wedding pictures.... 

If you ask around to some of your married friends you will probably hear them say how happy they were that they had an awesome professional photographer or you’ll hear how TOTALLY devastated they were that they didn’t hire a professional because they have horrible pictures of this no-do-over day.  These are the images you’ll be looking at for the next 80 years right?!  It’s the one thing you have when the day is over, besides that amazing person you just married!  The food will be eaten, the DJ will be silent, the flowers will be wilted but you’ll have your pictures forever!  You’re also creating your first family heirloom with your wedding album!  You won’t be sorry you invested in a professional wedding photographer! 

Whats your photography style?

Our style is a mix of documentary, camera-unaware candids and stunning posed creative shots, always stylishly modern, yet timeless.   The most emotion-evoking images are usually those captured when you and your friends and family may be unaware of the camera.   

 Posed shots....they won't look uncomfortable and contrived! We will give you great direction where posing is required.  Julie's eye for detail and style and Todd's background as a fashion model and his mastery of composition and light gives us a more in-depth understanding of exactly how to make you comfortable and what looks great on camera.  

Our studio is also known for our unique and beautiful use of light.  Bright light, low light, soft light, backlight, rimlight, or light we create!  This is the secret ingredient in most images that you fall in love with and THE reason you should hire a professional!  


Personality?!  Yes we think this is really important!!  We are going to spend more time with you on your wedding day than any other vendor and in most cases will be in touch for a year or more when we factor in engagement photos, wedding day and album design.  Your choice here can affect the entire mood of the day and ultimately how your images turn out! Relax knowing our studio brings positive energy, gracious direction, professionalism, confidence and sense of humor that will help you feel relaxed and confident on your wedding day or shoot.

How long have you been in business? 

We have been in business since 2004 and have shot hundreds of weddings and have taken care of many happy repeat clients!  We believe in stellar client experiences from beginning to end.  We love what we do!!

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?  

Yes, we have taken care of some of the worlds most famous people.  We will sign a non-disclosure agreement for our privacy sensitive clients.  This means we will not display your imagery, disclose names or publicly discuss your wedding or event.  Basic non-disclosure agreements (NDA) are $1,000 and Celebrity (NDA) agreements are $2,000.

Do you travel for destination weddings in Idaho and internationally?

Yes!  We frequently travel to stateside and international destination weddings from small elopements of 2, to large weddings of 600 guests or more as well as multi-day wedding events!  Favorite destination wedding locations with our clients in Idaho are... Chateau des Fleur in Eagle Idaho and private estates as well as the beautiful alpine towns of McCall and Sun Valley. We have also photographed destination weddings and events in Oregon, California,  New York City, Vero Beach, Florida,  The Hamptons,  Inverness Scotland,  Paris France, British Columbia Canada, Hawaii and Mexico.

 Do you charge for travel?

We do... but it will be included in your collection so that you don't have to arrange for or worry about any of that.  We know you have lots of other details to take care of and believe that responsive client care and a streamlined process make for the best experience for you!

When should we book our wedding with you?

ASAP!  To maintain the personalized attention we give to the client experience we only photograph 20-25 weddings and engagements per year and a selection number of anniversary sessions.  We book 1-2 years in advance for prime summer dates so let's talk soon!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Pricing and Value!

We know that your wedding photography choice is the one thing from your wedding day that will actually INCREASE in value over time.  Having gorgeous images that can be displayed as art either in your album or on your wall signal the beginning of your legacy as a couple and is a PRICELESS decision you make for your wedding day.  

We believe in delivering premium value through the quality of the products we deliver, the professional experience you will have with our studio, your gorgeous, stunning imagery as well as the white glove customer service you can always expect.

We think you should get exactly what you want.  And for that reason we design custom collections that fit your day and unique vision with pricing that matches your needs.

If you are a destination bride considering the beautiful alpine resort locations of McCall or Sun Valley, be sure to contact us about our Signature wedding experiences for all the exquisite details! 

International destination weddings (think Canada, Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy and Hawaii) are also super easy to book with us. Inquire for all the exciting details!  We know what you want and how to deliver it anywhere in the world!  

Why don’t we list our complete price list right here?  Several reasons.  We need to talk with you about your wedding day timeline, the size of your wedding, which will affect the number of hours of coverage you need, how many photographers you may need, as well as the location of your wedding since we shoot many destination weddings! We can either meet in person at our gallery or via facetime, skype or phone if you're in a different location. 

How do I book my wedding with you?

Super simple!  All that is required to book your wedding with us is a signed agreement as well as a retainer which saves your date on our shoot calendar.  The retainer is deducted from the total amount which is due 30 days before your wedding. Just drop me a line at or give me a call at 208.550.1828 and we'll get you taken care of!

How do you take payment?

We take Cash, Checks, Credit Cards!  We do appreciate cash or checks where possible so we don’t have the additional fee from the credit card companies but totally understand that credit card is sometimes the best option for you.  We can send you an online link for payment if we aren't meeting in person.

What if I cancel my wedding?

When I book your wedding I reserve that day just for you and will turn down any other inquiries for weddings on that day.  If you cancel your wedding, chances are I won’t be able to fill that date again so the retainer is non-refundable.

Can you save the date for me while I’m deciding?

We won't be able to save your date while you're deciding.  If there are two inquiries for the same date, which has happened before, we have to go with whoever gets their signed agreement and retainer to us first.

Should we take engagement pictures?

I highly recommend it!  Most couples appreciate having an engagement session so they can use these images for save-the-dates and wedding announcements.  The engagement session is also a great opportunity for you and your photographer to get to know each other and for us to understand how you photograph so that on your wedding day we have that trust built with you already!

Should I have a Destination Engagement Session?

Sure!!  Of course we shoot local engagement sessions frequently but are also totally up for travel to fun locations for some epic images.  McCall and Sun Valley and Redfish Lake are some favorites for our local engaged couples!  We have also photographed destination engagement sessions in California, New York City, London and Paris.  How about Scotland, Ireland or Italy next?!  There is no travel fee but we will take a $250 deposit that we will hold until after the session at which time we will refund that back to you.   If for some reason you don’t show or cancel at the last minute we will keep the deposit to cover our time and cost to travel there for you.

Should we have a "first look" or wait to see each other when we walk down the aisle?

We do it both ways… but would always advise you to have a first look if possible.  We are finding this is the new tradition.  This allows you to see each other for the first time without all eyes on you.  There is usually much more emotion between both bride and groom when they choose to do a first look.  It will be a few private moments between the two of you at a location that we will choose for you. 

Another reason to do a first look is so your guests are not waiting after the ceremony.  There is usually much less pressure on the bride and groom when all of the couples shots and most wedding party shots are out of the way before the ceremony.  There are generally a few family pictures with both sides of the family after the ceremony and before the reception but this won’t take very long and you can get right back to your guests!

Is it ok if family members take pictures at the wedding also?

Yes, well kind of..!!  We just ask that they be respectful when we are taking the family group shots and let me shoot first and then they can step in.  I want to be sure you’re all looking in the same direction!  Also, it’s helpful if they can stay out of the aisles when you’re walking in for the ceremony otherwise every picture may have a person with a phone or camera in it!  When we are shooting the first look and couples shots it will just be you and my team.   It can be very distracting to have other people there taking pictures also. During the reception I am usually free to take pictures of other family members and friends! 

Can I give you a shots list?

For family pictures I’d love one!  We don’t know who needs to be included and that helps a ton!  For the rest of the day I’d prefer if you let me do my creative thing, thanks and we love you!  Hopefully you appreciate my work and have hired me for that reason!

Why would I want a second or third photographer?

The obvious reason is that for some parts of the day two cameras are extremely helpful in capturing the evolving moments such as a first look so we can see both brides and grooms faces, when you’re walking down the aisle during the ceremony front and back images as well as what’s going on in the audience.  One lens can only be in so many places in a single moment!  This is especially important with larger wedding parties!  An added bonus with our studio is that Julie, the second photographer also functions as a stylist with an eye for detail during your creative shots and family shots.  She makes sure the dress, hair, clothes and all the little details look as they should as much as possible!  After all you’ll be looking at these images for a very long time!

Do we get copyright to our images?

You will have full printing rights to all your images but we always retain the copyright.  You will be able to print and share on social media all you want. 

How soon do we get our images after the wedding?

During peak wedding season (July, Aug, Sept.) We typically post sneak peek images either on our blog or on social media.  Full image galleries will be delivered within 4-6 weeks of your wedding date.  We usually have them up more quickly but please, have patience, art takes time and trust me, we are as excited as you to see the finished product!  We’ll work as quickly as possible to get them back to you.  During off-peak times turnaround times are closer to 2-4 weeks.

Do you edit all the images?

Yes, every single one!  We take great pride in what we deliver to you!

Do we get ALL the images from our wedding day?

We typically deliver 90-100 images per hour of coverage. We will delete any duplicate images or images where the eyes are closed, someone walked in front of the camera etc.  Images that don’t make it to the online gallery are gone and are not available for client use.  We do not deliver RAW files.

How do we get our images?

I will upload all edited images to an online gallery where you will be able to download digital files, purchase prints and canvas etc.  Some collections will come with a gorgeous custom designed flash drive  with all the digital files loaded and if that is the case it will be delivered with your family heirloom album.


Our albums are hand crafted with the finest hand-tooled Italian leathers, have velvet interiors, metal inlay and are flush mount.  They are custom craftted for us and have been designed by our team to be works of art.   We know this is your first family heirloom!  We think your precious wedding day memories require something really special!

What is the album design process?

Your album design starts with your image selection.  You can do this by labeling images right in the online gallery for your album.  We don't include images your guests may have taken in our albums.  After you have finished your image selection I will send those images to our album design team and they will put the album design together.  It will then be uploaded to an online proofing site which you’ll be able to look over and comment on with any changes you’d like.  After you have given approval we will send your album to be published.  It can take up to 12 weeks for this to be delivered, usually much quicker.

Meals at the reception

We would be ever so grateful if you would feed us.  We will be shooting all day and will need to get refueled for the rest of the evening!  It's best if we eat at the same time as you so that we can be done and shooting again as soon as you are done! 

Equipment we use

We shoot with professional Canon camera bodies and Canon prime lenses as well as various lighting equipment.

Will you stay later than scheduled for us?

 Sure!  The additional hourly rate will apply for each member of the team that stays for you.  Payment for this will be after the wedding but before delivery of any image.

Can we pay you after the wedding for the balance due?

Payment is required for wedding collections 30 days before the wedding date.  Payments for overtime, album upgrades or other products will take place after your wedding day.

Will you attend the rehearsal dinner?

I can absolutely be hired for the rehearsal dinner.  However, if I’m not, don’t worry!  I don’t need to be there to document your wedding day properly. 

How long will you keep my images?

Once we deliver your images to you via the online gallery we are under no obligation to store them but we generally will have your images for a year from your wedding date.

 A limited number of high school senior sessions and family or maternity sessions are available upon request.

For Photographers

Seriously, please don't copy our script.  We do offer incredibly informational one-on-one mentoring sessions that will help you hone your own unique brand and skills.  Inquire for pricing and availability. We would love to work with you!

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