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Photographer Mentoring

Dreaming of becoming a Full Time Photographer?

We specialize in helping your dream become a reality!

We know you have this undeniable passion for creating beautiful pictures!  We also know how incredibly demanding, stressful and discouraging it can be to try to run a business that actually supports your dreams!  We've been there too!  And we've done it, twice.  We have taken our business from zero to over six figures in two different marketplaces on opposite ends of the country.  

You probably have a million questions about how to price your work, what online resources to use, how to attract your ideal client, how to sell yourself and your value once you attract that ideal client, how to craft an ideal email response to your initial booking inquiry, what to do to have a reliable income that you have control of!

We have been so blessed as photographers and we want to give back to the photography community by teaching you what we've learned.  We are offering one-on-one photographer mentoring and online resources!  

Call us directly at (208) 550-1828 or fill out the form below and we'll get right back to you.  Don't struggle another day...let's get your business rocking!